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First Trimester Favorites

I know I am over a year late to the game on these pregnancy posts, but I scoured the internet and bloggers I trusted to find out what they bought throughout their pregnancies, and even before I was pregnant, I always found these posts interesting - so I'm sharing some of my favorites in case it helps/entertains anyone :)

I remember being so proud of this tiny bump!

1. ClearBlue Pregnancy Test

If you are actively trying to get pregnant and are hoping to find out as soon as humanly possible whether or not you're pregnant, you may spend a lot of time looking for that second line. Problem is, I swear your eyes can play tricks on you! 'Splurging' on the pregnancy tests that literally say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" can save you some mental anguish and help you keep some level of distance from the stick you peed on!

2. Ginger tea

I didn't have access to a lot of anti-nausea remedies here in Rwanda, but ginger tea and an over-the-counter nausea medication were my BFFs for many, many weeks. Ginger tea with a squeeze of lemon - the best!

3. High-waisted skirts

Lots of pregnant women seem to say that their stomachs feel sensitive and bloated even before any weight is gained, which makes pants of all kinds incredibly uncomfortable. I also fell into this camp. High waisted skirts and loose dresses were in heavy rotation for the first two trimesters, and were great because you could re-adjust where the skirt sat more easily than pants!

4. Pre-Natal Vitamins

When your baby starts out being smaller than the head of a pin, there's not much you feel like you can do to help it grow. Taking a pre-natal vitamin every night before bed gave me some structure and felt like I was "doing" something useful for both of us, especially when eating full meals was giving me a run for my money :)

5. Rice Cakes w/ Peanut Butter

Rice cakes were eaten alone when my stomach was really reeling, but rice cakes and peanut butter was a great delivery system of protein during the early days! Granted, the rice cakes available here are plain as can be, and taste only slightly better than a cardboard box -- but they got the job done!

6. Therapy!

There. Are. So. Many. Feels. If you can afford it, or if it is covered by your insurance, working through them with a therapist is my #1 recommendation! My weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) sessions really helped me start to mentally prepare for the weeks to come, work through some anxieties and fears I was harboring, and gave me a safe space to vent about things that seemed trivial or silly.

Any first trimester favorites missing? I know if I was in the United States for this period, I definitely would have preferred some kind of tasty cracker to the list instead of cardboard tasting rice cakes...and maybe would have been able to test out some other anti-nausea remedies!

Also pro-tip: Wear all of those tight clothes you love for the last time! I squeezed into this jump suit for a dinner out...and let's just say it was well over a year until it was worn again!

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