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Hello Again!

Updated: Jan 5

Remember me?

If you don't (or you do), here's the quick summary:

  • I live Kigali, Rwanda with my husband where we both work full-time

  • We are new parents to a baby girl, who will be turning one soon!

  • We are also now parents to a 9 year old black Labrador we got during the pandemic named Tallulah

  • I don't listen to new music or the modern greats like T Swift or Beyonce, I drink at least one cup of tea (with milk and sugar!) a day, and in my free time, I'm either listening to a podcast, reading a book, doing a puzzle, or unsuccessfully multi-tasking all of these simultaneously.

Now, with a bit more color:

I still work for an agricultural nonprofit serving rural farmers, and love working closely with others to create the best and most impactful client experience possible. We are getting close to serving 1,000,000 farmers (at the same time) and it's incredible to be working at this level of scale. Outside of work, I remain a voracious reader and now run the first Little Free Library in Kigali, am a regular customer of local restaurants (pending COVID restrictions), and the instigator for early morning walks as a family. I also listen to a comical amount of podcasts and try to complete a puzzle on the weekends. A lifelong night owl, I now wake up before 6am and go to bed before 10. Kids these days!

My mom hat looks a lot like trying to keep this tiny blonde thing alive long enough to get to the next meal or sleep cycle- she's currently mobile and loves a sharp edge, hard surface, and finding tiny pieces of dirt on the ground and trying to eat them. For 12-14 hours a day, this baby don't quit! I'm super grateful that we've got all of the equipment*, toys, and a wonderful nanny that help us keep life fun, interesting, and somewhat sane.

(*Except formula, which we consume at an insane rate. We always need more formula!)

If you've known me a long time, you know that I've maintained blogs on and off since college. Each one captured a chapter of my life in vivid detail and then faded as I moved on to yet another adventure. For the past two years, I've thought deeply about all the ways I could balance my love for writing and keeping a blog while still creating more personal space for myself (it turns out that as you get out of your twenties, you want more privacy and your husband who's off social media also doesn't want you to write about him!) so I have started and stopped this launch so many times. But it's a new year, and with that comes a renewed vigor and the acceptance that sometimes you just have to try something new and be unafraid of failing to living up to your own inflated expectations. See, motherhood really can change you!

I can't say exactly what will show up here - but I do know that topics that I am passionate about will show up repeatedly. That means you'll hear about my love for reading, my attempts to make my daughter also love reading, activities I pursue outside of work and motherhood, and a lot about mom life. I can also promise that my posting over time will be irregular at best, but I will surely start out on a strong foot!

In the next few weeks I have posts that I wrote during pregnancy + the earlier days of motherhood, so if that's interesting to you, stay tuned. If not, come back in February!

Thanks for stopping by!

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