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My 2022 Goals

One of the blog posts I most look forward to every month are seeing the monthly (and in January, the annual + monthly!) goals that the few bloggers I follow share. I find it a fun way to get inspired to take deliberate small actions throughout the year that build on themselves to create larger contributions to personal growth, and to share a bit more of a "behind the scenes" look into daily life.

Thanks to COVID for essentially pausing time, I'm going to re-use most of my 2021 goals I set using Powersheets last year again this year, with a few tweaks/updates.

2020; 2021; 2022...who's even keeping track anymore?!

1. Invest in Financial Security - We'll continue our monthly budget tracking as well as making decisions that will prioritize paying down student loans, and contributing to retirement accounts and Atlas's College Savings fund!

(Very proud that we started a 529 for Atlas the year she was born!)

2. Invest in Our Marriage! - We are coming up on a year with Miss A, and while we've done special nights out and in, we haven't made it a standard practice. This year, we need to get in a better routine with regular date nights, and a couple mini-trips for just the two of us.

3. Invest in Democracy - I love love love voting, and want to continue to point my volunteer time towards supporting get-out-the-vote efforts from Americans living overseas this year. I'm hoping that I can replicate our 1,000+ postcard campaigns of years past here in Rwanda + help dozens of voters directly with getting their ballots submitted again for the 2022 midterm elections.

4. Invest in Givingness - Last year was our first time setting an annual giving goal and sticking to it ($1,000!) and this year hoping to increase it as we add a few more organizations. Moreover, I've been working on a side-project called Kind Futures, and I hope to formalize it in some way and help get more than $5,000 to organizations that can turn that money into real-world change this year aside from our own contributions. More on all of this in future posts!

5. Invest in Memory-making - During our first year with Atlas, I bought a lot of books, plates/napkins and decorations that will help us in this aim, but as she turns one in February and becomes more active and aware, it's really go-time! I want to think about what traditions we want to do as a family, and kick off a few this year. It also helps to prioritize being present and creating moments that will hopefully stay with all of us forever <3

6. Invest in Staying Connected - Living abroad for so long has put a strain on my longest friendships due to time difference and my reticence for phone calls - this year I want to better prioritize staying in touch better by finding ways to share photos in real time, check in on people and how they're doing, and after skipping it in 2021 (for the first time in a very long time!), make sure I send out Christmas cards for 2022! We also have a PO Box now here in Rwanda...so let me know if you want a pen pal!

7. Invest in Photography - We have so many photos, in so many places...and the number of photos on my phone and computer are overwhelming. This is a slow burn project to purge through old photos and duplicates, take more photos with our DSLR camera, print out the best ones, and organize them in a way I can go back and find memories more easily over time. I've just trialed out Chatbooks, which could be part of the answer I'm looking for!

8. Invest in Myself - Finally, I want to continue to prioritize some self-love this year! This typically looks like coffeeshop dates, massages, pedicures, ordering and reading new books, and buying puzzles. COVID-restrictions pending, I want to make sure I'm taking advantage of parent #2, the nanny, and friends/family to be able to have some quiet time for just me and to spend time cultivating better friendships here in Rwanda.

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