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Our 2022 Giving Plan

As part of my 2021 and 2022 Goals, we've started to dedicate a certain amount of our yearly income to charity.

Last year, we gave away $1,100 across 12 months, made up of monthly contributions to five nonprofits + NPR, and a few one-off donations throughout the year.

This year, we've expanded our giving purse by a little bit, and I also feel more passionate about being able to give consistently to a few nonprofits. In addition to the five nonprofits we loved contributing to last year, I'm adding a few more to the mix that I am really excited about! Overall, we prioritize nonprofits that can make the most difference with our monies, and that reflect our values and interests.

  1. RIP Medical Debt - This is my favorite nonprofit, because what they are doing is so incredible! Experts of the financial industry purchase bundles of medical debt on the backend for literal pennies on the dollar, and instead of forcing people to pay their debts back, they forgive them completely. Every $10 forgives $1,000 of medical debt to someone struggling.

  2. Kiva Loans - I signed up with Kiva loans during college with a meager $25 contribution, and over the course of 10+ years I've added more money to my account, and the $200 I've given has now circulated to more than 70 people owning small businesses in 55 countries! When they pay it back, the money then passes back to me, and then on to another entrepreneur. Brilliant.

  3. Feeding America - I used to think of hunger as being a 'third-world' problem, but the truth is that there are hungry people everywhere. In the US, more than 10% of the population faces hunger, and this disproportionately affects children. Feeding America helps stock food pantries across the country and works directly with food companies for donations and extreme markdowns. $10 can get 100 meals to families in need.

  4. Dolly Parton's Imagination Library - Dolly grew up longing for books, and when she became famous, she starting giving away books to kids starting from birth. Now her program is a robust monthly book club, mailed straight to your address, for kids across the US - no questions asked. My daughter is enrolled, so we contribute to cover her cost (about $25/year) and sponsor 11 others in my hometown to be able to participate for free.

  5. Vitamin Angels - Vitamin Angels helps distribute vaccinations and vitamins to women and children, with a focus on maternal health. Prenatal vitamins were so important to me for ensuring baby's healthy growth, and I love that I can pass that on through Vitamin Angels!

  6. Fred Hollows Foundation - Fred Hollows Foundation is based out of Australia and works across Africa, Asia and Oceania to provide life-changing cataract surgery to restore sight to those who need it. They can often provide services to someone for just $25.

  7. Against Malaria Foundation - One of the best-recognized foundations working to alleviate the spread of malaria through the distribution of mosquito nets. They purchase and deliver nets for just $2, which is a price point far less than the market value!

  8. One Warm Coat - They host coat collection drives and coat distribution drives and work directly with coat manufacturers like Lands End and Spyder to get new donations and distribute them to populations who face challenges to stay warm during the winter -- including veterans, the unhoused, and children.

Then, I'll be saving up money and giving a one-time gift of purchased donations to the Pajama Program in February for Atlas's birthday ($6 buys a new set of PJs if you want to contribute!) and another gift to First Book in November/December of 2022 during their big fundraising event, where $1 purchases a brand new book for kids in low income circumstances to be given over the holidays.

So, that's the plan! We've also built in a small amount of flex funding to use throughout the year, but hopefully we'll be able to stick to this for the most part :) And yes, we are still giving $5/month to NPR this year -- but we're calling that a "subscription" in our budget rather than a donation!

Do you have any favorite nonprofits that you give to? Do you have any questions about how to set a giving plan, or want help to pick nonprofits? Let me know, I'd be happy to help!

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