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Second Trimester Favorites

I know I'm over a year late to the game on these posts, but I know I scoured the internet and bloggers I trusted to find out what they bought throughout their pregnancies, and even before I was pregnant, I always found these posts interesting - so I'm sharing some of my favorites in case it helps/entertains anyone :)

(You can find the first trimester faves here!)

1. Burt's Bees Belly Butter

This was the only panic-buy product I brought from the USA when I found out I was pregnant {24 hours before returning to Rwanda}, but I'm glad I did! I wasn't so much worried about getting stretch marks as my weight gain was pretty slow in the beginning, but it was a nice and relaxing way to get ready for bed. One container lasted me my entire pregnancy.

2. Green Apples

My appetite didn't make an appearance until the third trimester, and with my constant battle with nausea and dry heaving, every item that went in had to really count! An apple a day didn't keep the doctor away (or did it?!), but it was a tasty snack that I knew I could count as a healthy win. Plus, it was an upgrade from the rice cakes I ate during the first trimester as my peanut butter delivery system!

3. Bamboo Straws

Combining saving the planet with increasing hydration? Sign me up! We bought bamboo straws when we visited Indonesia a couple of years ago, but I've never used them as consistently and frequently as I did during my second trimester. It is not an overstatement to say that I've never been so hydrated in my life! The straws added a nice and tasteless touch to drinking cold water throughout the day.

4. Blanqi black leggings

I will say these are not the easiest to get on [eventually, you will have to sit down and you will look like Ross from friends with the leather pants], but they were super comfortable to wear as my bump grew. I wore them up to 2 months postpartum, and even with wears multiple times a week and a lot of washing and drying (including 4 months of hand washing) - they still look almost new! Next time around I would have more than one pair in rotation...and am interested to see how Girlfriend maternity leggings (my usual brand!) or Spanx leggings compare.

5. Anti-nausea medication

Okay - this probably won't apply to most people, but since I had nausea/morning sickness until 22 weeks, getting on some medication was a total game changer! I popped a tablet as soon as my head lifted from my pillow in the morning, and the results were almost immediate. Don't hesitate to talk to your OBGYN or healthcare provider early and have them recommend a baby-friendly solution to help you out! There's no heroism necessary -- you're growing a dang baby, and you don't need to be throwing up and suffering through days and weeks to prove it.

6. Loose Dresses

My maternity clothing ethos was not to buy a lot of specific maternity clothes. I bought a few dresses that were designed to be more shapeless, and wore them nearly every day. It was easier than wrestling on pants, and was an easy way to feel "put together". Highly recommend ordering 4-5 loose dresses if you don't already have some in your closet, and using them as your pregnancy daywear.

7. Massages

If you can afford a monthly massage, DO IT. Having a masseuse give me a prenatal massage monthly up until I returned to the states at 35 weeks was a true blessing -- and I would have loved one during the final month if COVID wasn't a concern. If you're budgeting out your pregnancy and it's between more maternity clothes and a massage, I am team massage for sure!

What did you love during your second trimester? At this point during the pregnancy I was fighting my way over the nausea hump and finally felt like I was really growing that belly -- but had NO idea what was around the corner!

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