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Third Trimester Favorites

I know I am a year late for this, but I know I scoured the internet and bloggers I trusted to find out what they bought throughout their pregnancies, and even before I was pregnant, I always found these posts interesting - so I'm sharing some of my favorites in case it helps/entertains anyone :)

(You can find my first trimester and second trimester faves here and here)

1. Burts Bees Overnight Healing Lip Balm

I was given this as a gift as part of a gift bag from a family friend, and I used it like crazy! In the final weeks my lips really got chapped no matter how much water I drank or regular chapstick I put on throughout the day, so upgrading to the good stuff made a huge difference. Keep it by your bedside and use liberally :)

2. Pantene Deep Detox & Renew Silicone-Free Charcoal Shampoo

Pregnant bodies do all sorts of weird things, and as I hit weeks 30 through 41, my hair became a greasy hot mess! Like, somebody cracked an egg on the top of my head hot mess. In Rwanda I tried to hodge-podge some home remedies, but all became right in the world when I got off the plane and my mom had this shampoo waiting for me! As long as I shampooed every day, I was back to presentable. I used this through the first two months of postpartum too, and it was wonderful.

3. Smoothie-flavored TUMS

Okay, am I the only adult on the planet who had never taken a Tums before?! Shortly before I was headed to the US, a friend here told me how she was taking Tums (and her husband was stealing from her stash) and it not only really helped with her indigestion, it would settle her pregnant stomach within minutes. Ummm....weeks into HUGE burp parties before bed, this was news to me! I literally took my first Tums while still in the airport parking lot arriving arriving to the US pre-birth , and it was a daily routine until delivery. I would only take 1 or 2 (super low dose) but it did wonders! If anyone needs a nonprofit idea that is cost effective and creates a huge impact, please just send bottles of Tums to the pregnant women of the world. I'll be a co-founder or sit on the board!

4. Comfy slippers

Do not skimp on buying yourself comfortable slippers to wear around the house! You are carrying more weight than the preceding months, and your poor feet are carrying the brunt of it all. I grabbed a pair of the fluffiest monstrosities I could find, and I have 0 regrets (though I do wish I bought more than one...that's my only regret). These will also be life-savers when you start carrying your baby (which newsflash, only gets heavier over time) and need to rock them to sleep over and over again.

5. An oversized sweatshirt

Feeling cold, but you've got a mega stomach now and none of your usual sweaters fit, and your cardigans aren't doing the job? Take out that oversized sweatshirt and pull it over your head. Voila! I bought one a size or two larger, and used it all of the time. In postpartum life, it's just extra baggy and reminds me of when I was stretching it to the seams!

6. Nursing camisoles/bras

Ladies, aside from justifying spending over $20 on a camisole or bra that has nothing different about it than snaps on the strap, the heavy duty straps are going to be a godsend once you get closer to delivery day. I bought 3 camis and 4 bras, and I quickly went back to buy even more after the baby came! Between leaking and a future baby spitting up all over it, get more than you think. I also invested in some nursing sports bras which I found more comfortable down the line. Yes, over time they will stop spitting up and you may not need all of these, but the money is well worth it for the time you need it.

Phew - we made it through all of the trimesters! And while I didn't put it as a favorite because it definitely depends on your taste, I had a major sweet tooth and was SO excited to have non-stop access to delicious ice cream flavors when I got back to the US. Was it the dead of winter? Yes. Did that stop me? Not in the slightest! During those final weeks ladies, do whatever feels good! They say the baby can discern all of your tastes...so go wild :)

Last but not least, I'll be sharing some postpartum favorites!

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